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Saturday, May 5, 2012

WalMart's "Comparison Shopping Challenge" Ads

Visit Walmart's website
to see the ads for yourself.
I'm sure we've all seen these ads floating around. I certainly have. The prices they list are better at Walmart than at the competitor they're "challenging," but the prices aren't really all that good. While I can recognize that these are not good prices, I never went to the trouble of actually analyzing the ad to see just how far off they really are.

Luckily, I don't have to.

One of my favorite coupon queens just posted a write up including what you should pay for the items in her local "challenge" ad. So, go check out Jill Cataldo's "Where Walmart Gets it Wrong" post and see just how far off these ads are.


  1. Walmart's ad bothers me too. I shop sale prices, stock up and plan menus around them as I think most women do. I do hit Walmart on occasion, but they are NOT the low price leader on many items.

  2. The one really good thing about Walmart is that they match competitor's ads. This is handy if you have a Walmart close by but some other grocery store (that is not as convenient) has a good deal running in their ad. Other than that, I rarely shop there!

  3. I actually participated in one of these "challenges" today, and I was really shocked at how much I saved! My husband and I had always wanted to do a comparison, but we just never took the time. It was something we always put on the back burner. I ended up saving A LOT! I was really impressed at how they run the whole challenge too. They were extra careful in not influencing what I bought, and made sure everything was legit. It was pretty cool, and I must say I'm impressed overall. I have a Walmart 5 minutes from my house, but another grocery store about 2 min. I've just gone to the store that was closer in the past,(it is smaller and I kind of like that), but after seeing how much I saved today, it definitely made me see how I could use an extra hundred something dollars a week! I'll check out the link you provided. Thanks!

  4. Really interesting to hear from an actual participant in these commercials! Would love to hear more from S.L., if you're reading. It's an interesting debate, over where you can save more - it all seems to depend not necessarily where you shop, but how you shop. Thought you might find
    this latest article on the subject to be of interest as well.

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