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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What to Make for Dinner

Once you've been couponing a while, you'll find that you've managed to stock up on a lot of staples. When it's time to make dinner, and you don't have all of the ingredients in the house for any of your favorite recipes, or maybe you just want to try something new and different, you don't want to just run out to the store and buy more stuff.

Enter Super Cook!

On this handy website, you can enter the items you have in your pantry/freezer/fridge and it will give you great new recipes from all over the web using those ingredients. The ones at the top of the list are things you have all the ingredients for, followed by recipes for which you need just one or two additions to make.

If you have food allergies, or simply items you don't like and won't eat, enter them under "exclusions" and you won't see them showing up in any of the selected recipes.

Then, if there are certain ingredients you want to use today ("gotta use up those eggs before they spoil" or "I feel like having beef tonight"), click on the item (or items) in "your kitchen" list, and those recipes will be sorted to the top.

And next time you come back, if you've created a login, your ingredients will be already listed and ready for you!

I've found several new dinner ideas which have become staples in our house through this site. One of my faves is a chicken dish from Hungary called Csirke Paprikas. I've also found a great slow-cooker recipe for brisket that takes no time at all to prepare, but tastes incredible when it's done.

So, while Super Cook may not directly save me any money, not having to run out to the store when it's time to eat (and I'm hungry) certainly does. It's also great for when I see items on my coupon list that I like, but don't know how to prepare.

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